Smart Posture Corrector



The posture corrector vibrates automatically to remind users of their incorrect postures by real time monitoring. When it senses that the user’s hunchback bends more than 25 degrees, it will immediately activate the vibrating alert. According to our internal tests, the tester wears the posture aligner for 2 hours a day and there is a improvement in posture within 3 weeks.(Attentions;People with serious back problem should seek helps from a doctor or hospital)

We advocate proactive correction concept. When the smart sensor performs angle monitoring, it automatically triggers gentle vibrations when hunchback sensed, reminding the user proactively to adjust to the correct posture, finally to form good posture habits, protect eye vision and relieve back fatigues. Rejecting the adverse effects of passive physical forcing corrections by traditional strap, such as muscle pressures, impact on kid’s body development and breath discomfort.

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