Intelligent Smart Bidet Toilet



When only the best will do, the Washloo Finesse fits the bill accordingly. German designed and incorporating every possible luxury element, the Washloo Finesse is a must have for every day luxurious cleansing. Also included are the following features: German Engineering and Exquisite Contemporary Design Nano-Antibiosis plastic which prevents bacteria build up Digital Remote Control Digital Screen allowing user to see temperature settings etc Night Light Stainless Steel Dual Nozzles (Posterior and Feminine Wash) Heated seat with adjustable temperature Heated water with adjustable temperature Movable massage – moving spray back and forth Warm air drying and air temperature adjustment Self cleaning nozzle Adjustable nozzle position Adjustable water pressure Built-in automatic body sensor Thermostats installed Silent and Soft closing seat and lid Intelligent power saving mode Multi-safeguards Feminine wash Posterior wash UK 3 Pin Plug FREE DELIVERY, FULL 24 MONTH GUARANTEE! . Washloo have undertaken all the necessary CE approvals and RoHS certifications to ensure all our products comply with all European regulations and safety standards. Don’t be fooled by cheap, foreign copies which may not be safe to use in your home and have not undergone the rigorous testing set by CE standards. Also, unlike other toilet bidets advertised on the Internet, Washloos come with a 24 month fully comprehensive guarantee, UK 3 pin plug and no hidden charges like import taxes and expensive delivery. Washloos are designed to fit almost every type of toilet bowl. There is a universal shape and standard which ensures that we can normally accommodate around 98% of toilets. They are not currently compatible with square design toilet seats. Please also see our Fitting Page for further details.

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