About Us

We provide you with Life Saving Health Products and Devices to better your health, weight and to enhance the safety of your property.

Amazing Life Ltd specialises in Health Products which have Amazing Results for: 

  • Age and Weight Reversal
  • Anti Bacterial Products
  • Immune Boosters Teas 
  • Ultimate Covid Protection 
  • Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting 
  • Electric Household Devices
  • And must have Life Saving Gadgets   

Our products have been tested on millions of people and all have positive feedbacks about them. We have careful selected our products to help you:

  • Loose Weight
  • Save Energy
  • Save Time 

Our Company

We import the very best Health and Life Saving products for your every ready daily rosiness and for a healthier lifestyle. 

From a super tasty and Manpower coffee brand unique in Mauritius to Covid and Immune Booster and Anti Virus Tea to Electric Foot Grinder, Electric Car Tyre Recharger, Power Banks and more cool products.    

Our Team

Michaël Sik Yuen is the founder and director. Him and  team have several demos all year round at several venues and events. They also on appointments offer corporate and home visit demos and installation.  

Michaël Sik Yuen


Interested for a Demo at the confort of your home?

On appointment only we come to your home with our best selling products.

  1. Enagic Kangen Water Dispenser 
  2. Manpower Coffee & Anti virus Tea
  3. Air Fryer & Warn Dryer Clothes Dryer
  4. Outdoor Solar LED Lighting  

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